Here are summary reports on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for our Medicare, Medicaid and commercial value-based contract populations.  The KPIs for each of these measures is graphed on a rolling twelve months to show the trend over time.  Financial benchmarks or goals, if available, are also provided as a reference on each graph.  The reports are created from claims data in our McKesson data management system.  If you have any questions, please call Jeff Vipond at 308-398-5409.

Medicare Alegent Health Partners (Omaha) ACO

This ACO currently is a Track 3 Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP), which means there is both upside and downside risk for medical spend on the ACO’s attributed population.  The attributed lives are set by CMS at the beginning of each calendar year and that population will remained attributed to the ACO for all of 2017.  

Within the KPI results below, some key findings are:


Medicare TPN Health Partners (Lincoln, GI, Kearney) ACO

The TPN Health Partners ACO currently is a Track 1 MSSP, which means there is upside only on medical spend for the ACO’s attributed lives.  However in a Track 1 MSSP, the attributed lives are updated by CMS quarterly and do change based on the providers that any Medicare patient sees throughout the year.   

Within the KPI results below, some key findings are:


Medicaid (UnitedHealthcare Medicaid population – Omaha)

This present report is for the value-based UnitedHealthcare Medicaid population in Omaha only.  We will be also reporting on Nebraska Total Care and UnitedHealthcare outside of Omaha as soon as the data is loaded in our tool.

Within the KPI results below, some key findings are:


Commercial (CHI Health Employee plan - QualChoice)

In 2017 the CHI Employee plan is a shared risk partnership with UniNet and CHI Health for the total PMPY spend.  Since the only benchmark is Medical PMPY, the other KPIs are compared to the prior period’s actual results.