Value-driven Health Care Provider Network

focused on quality outcomes and health care affordability

About CHI Health Partners

Formed in 1998, CHI Health Partners is the clinically integrated network affiliated with CHI Health. Our network of more than 4,000 health practitioners includes providers employed by CHI Health and independent, community-based practices. Our network collaborates with hospitals, ancillaries, and post-acute care providers to improve patient outcomes and quality while lowering the overall cost of care.

CHI Health Partners unites our network through use of technology, education, care coordination programs, performance review, provider credentialing and value-based contracting.

Our vision is to create a healthier population – one person at a time – by offering comprehensive, data-driven, coordinated care. Our network currently provides care to over 200,000 commercially-insured, Medicare, and Medicaid patients under value-based care arrangements.

Employer-sponsored health insurance solutions

CHI Health Partners works directly with larger employer groups and through many leading commercial health insurance companies to make our accountable care provider network available to employers and their employees.

Support for Medicare Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)

Many CHI Health Partners’ participating providers are also enrolled in the Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) through a CHI Health Partners related organization – Alegent Health Partners. CHI Health Partners provides quality improvement, care coordination, and management support to the Alegent Health Partners Medicare ACO.

Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, and Individual Health Insurance Exchange program participation

CHI Health Partners works with all Medicaid health plans in Nebraska and Iowa, as well as most of the prominent Medicare Advantage and Individual Health Insurance Exchange health plans in the marketplace. As a participant in these health plans' network, CHI Health Partners and our providers deliver improved quality and value to beneficiaries who receive health insurance through these programs.  


CHI Health Partners Clinically Integrated Network Board of Directors, CIN Council, and Credentialing committees make decisions on behalf of all CHI Health Partners chapters. View additional chapter-specific committees.


  • Randy Pritza, MD, Chair
  • Cary Ward, MD
  • Jeanette Wojtalewicz, Secretary and Treasurer
  • Anne Marie Hartwig
  • John McClellan III, MD
  • Rahul Razdan, MD
  • Ken Shaffer, MD
  • Kara Meinke-Baehr
  • Mike McNamara, MD
  • Kevin Reagan, MD
  • Christi Knox, Compliance Officer (non-voting)
  • Scott Ptacnik, Executive Director


  • Zach Meyer, MD, PCP, Grand Island
  • Donald Kropf, MD, Specialist, Grand Island
  • Terry Becker, MD, PCP, Kearney
  • David McConnell, MD, Specialist, Kearney
  • Josue Gutierrez, MD, PCP, Lincoln
  • Catherine Books, DO, Specialist, Lincoln
  • Bruce Houghton, MD, PCP, Omaha
  • Mel Roca, MD, PCP, Omaha
  • Jeff Strohmyer, MD, PCP, Omaha
  • Pranith Surabhi, MD, PCP, Omaha
  • Pat Bogard, MD, Specialist, Omaha
  • Timothy Burd, MD, Specialist, Omaha
  • Eric Rice, MD, Specialist, Omaha
  • Linda Ford, MD, Specialist, Omaha
  • Joe Thibodeau, MD, Specialist, Omaha
  • Laura Fick, APRN, Lincoln
  • Thomas Baker, APRN, Omaha
  • Jason Kruger, MD, Lincoln Chapter Medical Director
  • Hank Sakowski, MD, Omaha Chapter Medical Director
  • Ken Shaffer, MD, Kearney Chapter Medical Director
  • Scott Frankforter, MD, Grand Island Chapter Medical Director
  • Scott Ptacnik, CHI Health Partners President

Management Personnel

Scott Ptacnik
Scott Ptacnik, President

Michael Steere
Michael Steere, Director, Provider Network Management

Portrait of Jeff Vipond
Jeff Vipond, Director, Population Health Analytics

Trisha Rogers
Trisha Rogers, Manager, Care Coordination

Lindsey Haner
Lindsey Haner, Manager, Clinical Quality & Risk Adjustment

Elaine Adams
Elaine Adams, Manager, Grants/Community Link

Scott Frankforter, MD
Scott Frankforter, MD, CHI Health Partners Grand Island Medical Director

Ken Shaffer, MD
Ken Shaffer, MD, CHI Health Partners Kearney Medical Director

Jason Kruger
Jason Kruger, MD, CHI Health Partners Lincoln Chapter Medical Director

Hank Sakowski, MD
Hank Sakowski, MD, CHI Health Partners Omaha Chapter Medical Director