Social Work

When patients need help with problems that interfere with their health, CHI Health Partners social workers are there to help. As an extension of the health care provided in the clinic setting, social workers assist patients with psychosocial needs to help them achieve the best possible outcome.

Social workers identify barriers in a patient's environment that are interfering with care, which might include financial, legal, housing, mental health, or family issues.

As patient advocates, CHI Health Partners social workers analyze the patient’s broad environmental system and look for long-term solutions that will help patients be self-sufficient. Once the barrier(s) are identified, the patient is connected to community resources to help them overcome their challenges.

Patients can be referred to our social workers through Omaha metro area CHI Health Partners -affiliated clinics with population health coaches.

For more information contact us:

402-717-7248 or 402-717-7255